Choosing the Right Type of Singapore Tutor For Your Child


Finding the best tutor for home tuition in Singapore

Teaching often tends to be more difficult than parents first expect. You want to hire a quality home tuition teacher who will enhance your child’s learning experience and ultimately help them improve their grades. But hiring tutors tends to be a time-sensitive issue, and finding the right person before your child’s next grades are due can get frustrating.

Knowing Your Options

In general, parents in Singapore will have four types of private tutors to choose from:

  1. Undergrads.  Undergrads are the cheapest option and can be a good fit for some families. Often times, they are younger than other tutors and being closer to the age of your child may give them a guidance advantage. However, undergrads tend to have a lot of other commitments and interests that can make them less focused. You can expect to pay between $15 and $25/hr for an undergrad tutor.
  2. Full-time tutors.  Full-time tutors are oftentimes undergrads who have gone on to make tutoring their full career. Due to not having competing job commitments, they are more focused on helping your children achieve the best grades possible. However, not all keep up-to-date with changing school curriculums and teaching methodologies. You can expect to pay between $20 and $50/hr for a full-time tutor.
  3. NIE Trainee.  Similar to undergrads, NIE trainees are better trained in tutoring children. These tutors are taught training methodologies offered by Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE). Due to this, they charge a higher premium between $30 and $50/hr.
  4. Current & Ex-School Teachers.  Current and ex-school teachers are the best quality choice parents can choose for their children. Not only are they certified and trained via MOE, but they are best acquainted with school curriculum and teaching materials. However, they can be extremely hard to book, especially if your child requires last-minute tutoring, as many parents request their services. Depending upon their experience and whether tutoring or teaching is their full-time job, you can expect to pay between $50 and $150.

In addition to considering what type of tutor will best suit you and your child, you will also need to consider the right tuition agency to work with. You might also consider working with a tuition center. tuition centers teach within a classroom environment but can be more expensive and offer a less ideal experience for all children. Particularly for those who excel in one-on-one tutoring in their home. For more information about selecting a tutor, contact us today.


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